Join the ILO: Internship Opportunity in Research for Young Professionals

Join the ILO: Internship Opportunity in Research for Young Professionals

Unveiling the Social and Solidarity Economy: Internship Opportunity with the International Labour Organization (ILO)


In an era marked by increasing globalization and socio-economic challenges, the International Labour Organization (ILO) stands as a beacon of hope, striving to promote social justice and decent work for all. One of the key pillars of its mission is the advancement of sustainable enterprises, including those operating within the social and solidarity economy (SSE). The ILO recognizes the vital role that SSE plays in fostering inclusive growth, empowering communities, and achieving sustainable development goals.

Through its internship programme, the ILO offers aspiring individuals the chance to delve into research on the SSE, contributing to a deeper understanding of its dynamics and impact on society. This document serves as a comprehensive guide to the ILO’s internship opportunity in SSE research, covering its objectives, responsibilities, qualifications, application process, and benefits. Whether you’re a graduate student passionate about socio-economic development or an aspiring researcher eager to make a difference, this internship could be your gateway to exploring the transformative potential of the SSE on a global scale.

Join the ILO: Internship Opportunity in Research for Young Professionals


Join the ILO: Internship Opportunity in Research for Young Professionals

Chapter 1: Understanding the Internship Programme

The ILO’s internship programme is designed to provide talented individuals with hands-on experience in various areas of its work, including research, policy development, and advocacy. Through active involvement in projects and initiatives, interns have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of relevant issues at the international level and gain practical insights into the application of ILO principles and strategies.

While the internship programme does not guarantee employment with the ILO, it offers a valuable platform for personal and professional growth, enabling interns to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s mission of promoting social justice through decent work.

Chapter 2: Department Overview

The internship opportunity in SSE research falls under the Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy (COOP/SSE) Unit within the Sustainable Enterprises, Productivity and Just Transition (ENTERPRISES) Department of the ILO. The ENTERPRISES Department plays a pivotal role in advancing the ILO’s goal of promoting sustainable enterprises as a means to achieve social justice and decent work.

By focusing on SSE, the COOP/SSE Unit seeks to harness the potential of cooperative and solidarity-based initiatives to address socio-economic challenges and promote inclusive development. Understanding the structure and objectives of the COOP/SSE Unit provides prospective interns with valuable context and insights into the scope of their work within the department.

Join the ILO: Internship Opportunity in Research for Young Professionals

Chapter 3: Learning Areas and Responsibilities

As an intern in SSE research, you will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing understanding of the SSE and its contributions to sustainable development, social justice, and decent work. Your responsibilities may include conducting research to improve knowledge of SSE dynamics, supporting the development of SSE legislation and policies, analyzing SSE data and statistics, and contributing to international efforts to advance the SSE agenda.

Additionally, you may be involved in participatory research initiatives and the development of approaches to measure the SSE’s impact. By actively participating in these activities, you will gain practical experience in research, policy analysis, and advocacy within the context of SSE, contributing to the broader goals of the ILO’s mission.

Chapter 4: Qualifications and Experience

To be eligible for the SSE research internship, candidates should hold a degree in economics, social sciences, international relations, development studies, or a related field. Candidates should be enrolled in their final year of a graduate degree programme or have completed such a programme no longer than one year ago. While prior research experience, especially in SSE, cooperatives, or sustainable development, is desirable, it is not a strict requirement for the internship.

However, candidates should demonstrate proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as excellent analytical and drafting skills. Proficiency in English and working knowledge of at least two of the ILO’s official languages (English, French, Spanish) are essential, with proficiency in additional languages considered advantageous.

Chapter 5: Competencies and Application Process

The ideal candidate for the SSE research internship should possess the ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment and demonstrate gender-responsive, non-discriminatory, and inclusive behavior and attitudes. This chapter outlines the competencies required for the position and provides guidance on how to apply for the internship through the ILO Jobs portal. It emphasizes the importance of attaching a cover letter to the application and provides instructions for completing the application process. Prospective candidates are encouraged to carefully review the application instructions and ensure that they meet all eligibility criteria before submitting their applications.

Chapter 6: Selection Process and Benefits

The selection process for the internship involves a screening by the Human Resources Development Department (HRD), followed by shortlisting by hiring departments. Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for a written test and/or interview, with communication technologies such as Skype, video conferencing, or email used for assessment and evaluation. This chapter also provides information about the stipend offered to interns, financial assistance for candidates from underrepresented member States, and insurance coverage during the internship. Prospective interns are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the internship programme to make informed decisions about their participation.


In conclusion, the SSE research internship with the International Labour Organization offers a unique opportunity for individuals to deepen their understanding of SSE dynamics and contribute to its advancement on a global scale. By participating in this internship programme, candidates can develop valuable research skills, expand their professional networks, and make meaningful contributions to the ILO’s mission of promoting social justice through decent work. Whether you’re passionate about socio-economic development or interested in exploring the transformative potential of SSE, this internship could be your gateway to a rewarding career in international development research.


Join the ILO: Internship Opportunity in Research for Young Professionals


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