Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP’s Global Call for 2024 Interns!

Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP’s Global Call for 2024 Interns!

Unlocking Opportunities: UNDP Digital Transformation Internship

Are you passionate about leveraging digital technologies to address global challenges and drive sustainable development? If so, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has an exciting opportunity for you! The Digital Transformation Internship offers motivated individuals the chance to contribute their skills and expertise to transformative initiatives aimed at building inclusive digital ecosystems and empowering communities worldwide. In this article, we’ll explore the details of this internship opportunity, including its responsibilities, requirements, and how to apply.

Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP's Global Call for 2024 Interns!
Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP’s Global Call for 2024 Interns!


UNDP’s Global Call for 2024 Interns

About UNDP

The UNDP is the development arm of the United Nations, working in 170 countries with over 17,000 staff members to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. From extreme poverty and climate change to good governance and women’s empowerment, UNDP’s work spans a wide range of areas aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and creating a better future for all.

Digital Transformation at UNDP

Digital technologies are driving profound change globally, presenting both opportunities and challenges for development. Recognizing this, UNDP has embarked on an organization-wide digital transformation since 2019. This transformation aims to harness the power of digital to accelerate progress towards the SDGs and build inclusive digital ecosystems that leave no one behind.

Internship Details

Location: Home-Based
Type of Contract: Internship
Starting Date: April 1, 2024
Application Deadline: September 30, 2024 (Midnight New York, USA)
Post Level: Intern
Duration of Initial Contract: 3 months (with possibility of extension)
Languages Required: English

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Digital Transformation Intern at UNDP, you’ll have the opportunity to support various workstreams within the organization. Here are some of the areas you may be involved in:

Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP's Global Call for 2024 Interns!
Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP’s Global Call for 2024 Interns!
  1. Inclusive Digital Ecosystems
    • Shape local digital ecosystems to ensure a rights-based and inclusive approach to digital development.
    • Support the implementation of inclusive, equitable, and secure digital & data public infrastructure.
    • Conduct research on digital topics such as inclusive connectivity and digital inclusion.
    • Provide internal coordination on thought leadership work and support advocacy efforts.
  2. Country Office Support & Capacity Building
    • Assess countries’ digital readiness and support project management and operations implementation.
    • Assist in the development of national data strategies and data governance frameworks.
    • Make digital and data capacity building resources more accessible and usable for governments.
    • Support the ongoing development of tools, products, and solutions to empower governments.
  3. UNDP Digital Strategy Development & Implementation
    • Support UNDP’s global positioning in digital thought and practice leadership.
    • Contribute to the management, coordination, and content maintenance of UNDP’s digital guides webpage.
    • Assist in the design of UNDP’s digital capacity footprint and support its implementation.
    • Provide front-office support to the Chief Digital Officer and analyze progress of UNDP’s Digital Strategy implementation.
  4. Business Operations (People Operations & Procurement)
    • Assist in completing procurement and recruitment exercises and tracking progress.
    • Support the implementation, monitoring, and reporting of procurement plans.
    • Assist in organizing meetings, workshops, and events and ensure compliance with procurement and recruitment policies.
    • Draft best practices to drive new projects for the improvement of operations.
  5. Communications
    • Plan and produce compelling content for communication channels such as social media, newsletters, and blogs.
    • Conduct research and mapping of key media outlets and influential content partners in digital & technology.
    • Support the organization of webinars and events and capture lessons learned for communication practices.
  6. Thought Leadership, Engagement, and Partnerships
    • Research potential new partners and help identify opportunities for collaboration.
    • Support outreach to and engagement of partners, including drafting concept notes and proposals.
    • Assist in global, multilateral, and UN interagency processes related to digital development and capacity-building.
    • Contribute to UNDP’s positioning and thought leadership on digital issues.
  7. Product Design, Build, and Management (including AI tools)
    • Support the design of digital products such as apps, platforms, and AI tools to enable UNDP’s work.
    • Assist in scoping and proposal writing for new digital products and work with software developers and product managers.
    • Conduct user testing and improvement of digital products and support their implementation in countries.

Competencies and Required Skills

To excel in this internship, candidates should demonstrate the following competencies and skills:

  • Achieve Results
  • Think Innovatively
  • Learn Continuously
  • Adapt with Agility
  • Act with Determination
  • Engage and Partner
  • Enable Diversity and Inclusion
  • Database management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to handle complex situations and multiple responsibilities simultaneously

Education and Experience

Candidates must meet one of the following educational requirements:

  • Enrolled in a graduate school program or final academic year of an undergraduate program.
  • Graduated with a university degree within the last year.

Interest or experience in one of the workstream areas is desirable.

Application Process

Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Prepare a brief cover letter and a current CV in English.
  2. Complete the application form provided in the vacancy announcement.
  3. Submit your application via the UNDP vacancy link.

Additional Information

  • Successful candidates will be required to provide additional documentation, including letters from their university, transcripts, and a copy of their passport.
  • Interns are eligible to receive a monthly stipend based on the duty location.
  • UNDP accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents, illness, or death incurred during the internship.
  • Interns are not considered staff members and may not represent UNDP in any official capacity.


The UNDP Digital Transformation Internship offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the organization’s efforts to harness the power of digital for sustainable development. If you’re passionate about leveraging technology for positive change and eager to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic global environment, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply now and be part of the digital revolution shaping the future of development!

For any queries, please reach out to Apply now and embark on a journey to make a difference in the world of digital transformation!


Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP's Global Call for 2024 Interns!
Join the Digital Revolution: UNDP’s Global Call for 2024 Interns!


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