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14 Open Jobs at Dashlane : APPLY NOW

Jobs at Dashlane, At Dashlane you can be part of a team of smart and motivated individuals who are dedicated to making digital life safer and simpler. They strive to create an enjoyable work environment while working towards their mission.

Dashlane offers a variety of job opportunities in different fields, including Android development, data engineering, software engineering, systems administration, product marketing, customer support, finance, workplace experience, and sales. Explore the career opportunities at Dashlane by visiting their Jobs at Dashlane page.

Join Dashlane, where you’ll be part of a smart and motivated team dedicated to enhancing digital security and simplifying life online. Link

Jobs at Dashlane

  1. Android Developer
  2. Android Developer
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Senior Javascript Software Engineer
  5. Senior Javascript Software Engineer – Web Platform Team
  6. Senior Software Engineer – Backend
  7. Systems Administrator
  8. VP, Engineering
  9. Customer Support Agent
  10. Senior Financial Analyst
  11. Workplace Experience Specialist (Office Manager)
  12. Senior Director, Product Marketing
  13. Customer Success Manager
  14. Customer Success Manager

Please note that the availability of these positions may vary, so it’s recommended to refer to the provided links for the most up-to-date information.

Jobs at Dashlane
Jobs at Dashlane

Jobs at Dashlane

  1. Android Developer: Become part of Dashlane’s Android developers team, working with passionate individuals who are dedicated to both Dashlane and Android technologies. Collaborate with product managers, designers, quality engineers, and developers from other platforms to enhance the product. Link
  2. Data Engineer: Contribute to Dashlane’s real-time clickstream stack using AWS Lambda and Kinesis. Help expand third-party acquisition capabilities through tools like Airbyte, Hightouch, or custom Airflow Dags. Link
  3. Senior Javascript Software Engineer: Join Dashlane’s mission of improving the user experience of the internet. The interview and onboarding processes are currently conducted remotely due to the ongoing public health crisis. Link
  4. Senior Javascript Software Engineer – Web Platform Team: Enhance iteration speed and solve common problems for the Web Platform Team, preventing redundancy and improving developer productivity. Link
  5. Senior Software Engineer – Backend: Join the Backend team at Dashlane, where NodeJS and Typescript are the primary programming languages used. Contribute to the majority of the codebase and occasionally work on the frontend using React and Typescript. Link
  6. Systems Administrator: Play a role in the day-to-day operations across Dashlane’s offices, including managing Windows, OSX, Linux, IT security, JAMF, MS Intune, and IT Helpdesk. Contribute to new IT projects according to the roadmap. Link
  7. VP, Engineering: Ensure optimal execution and delivery performance within Dashlane’s organization. Develop and implement strategic plans aligned with Dashlane’s overall strategy for the Engineering team. Link
  8. Customer Support Agent: Respond promptly and clearly to customer inquiries related to Dashlane’s product, customer accounts, billing, and maximizing its benefits. Take ownership of solving a wide range of customer issues through email, chat, and social media. Link
  9. Senior Financial Analyst: Support finance functions, including short- and long-range planning, management reporting, and strategy efforts. Analyze revenue and operational metrics to provide guidance and recommendations for complex problems. Link
  10. Workplace Experience Specialist (Office Manager): Cultivate an exciting workplace experience for Dashlane’s France-based employees, ensuring their satisfaction and fiscal responsibility. Serve as the point person for all France workplace experience matters. Link
  11. Senior Director, Product Marketing: Champion the customer’s perspective by actively engaging with customers to understand their needs and mindset. Represent the voice of the customer to the product team and the enterprise. Own Dashlane’s buyer profile and journey. Link
  1. Customer Success Manager: Provide exceptional support to B2B customers throughout their journey, ensuring a positive experience from the initial sale to annual renewal. Become an expert on Dashlane’s offerings and assist in developing deployment strategies to improve password habits within companies. Link
  2. VP, Sales: Drive B2B sales growth from $10 million ARR to over $50 million ARR. Develop and execute a distribution model that optimizes self-serve and inside sales, progressively expanding towards Mid-Market and Enterprise customers as the product matures. Link

Please note that the availability of these positions may vary, so it’s recommend to refer to the provided links for the most up-to-date information.

Jobs at Dashlane

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