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Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity : APPLY NOW

Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity. We’re seeking an experienced product designer, adept at crafting products for large user bases, to join one of our multifunctional product development teams.

The remuneration for this role is €55,000 per annum.

You’re free to work from any location globally, provided your primary timezone falls between UTC-4 and UTC+8:00.

Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity

As a member of our team, you’ll enhance our design capabilities at Toggl. Your primary duties will include:

  • Identifying opportunities and crafting solutions in collaboration with product managers, developers, and other key parties.
  • Creating user interface solutions for applications rich in data and intricate user flows.
  • Collecting both qualitative and quantitative user feedback to refine the user experience incrementally.

Team Snapshot:
We are a diverse group of over 130 professionals, hailing from more than 40 countries. We offer global hiring and local working, be it downtown London, a beach near São Paulo, or a tranquil village close to Florence, it’s your call. We regularly arrange meetups around the world to bond and spend quality time together. We trust our team immensely and focus on outcomes rather than mere work. Our values drive our results.

Curious if you’ll blend in?

Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity
Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity

Discover more about our culture.

About you:
We’re on the lookout for a seasoned collaborator who can deliver design and research results, closely work with stakeholders, and meet deadlines.

We’re particularly interested if you possess:

  • Empathy, enabling you to understand users, detect potential issues, and leverage opportunities to enhance the user experience.
  • Robust collaboration skills that can bridge disciplines and effect change in our products and design systems.
  • Exceptional written, verbal, and presentation abilities, enabling clear communication with management, developers, support teams, and end-users.
  • Skill to express ideas through design artifacts such as user flows, interactive prototypes, wireframes, and high-fidelity user interface design solutions.

Additional qualifications include:

  • A demonstrated history of designing complex systems with multiple dependencies that have been successfully launched to market.
  • Experience in designing, learning from, and iterating growth experiments. Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity

Perks and Benefits:

  • Flexibility in choosing your work schedule, with a focus on results.
  • 24 days of paid leave annually, in addition to local holidays.
  • Company-funded meetups for team bonding.
  • 4-6 weeks paid sabbatical, based on your length of service.
  • A laptop budget of up to 2,500€, refreshed every three years.
  • A 2,000€ budget for your home office setup and an extra 300€ every year after three years of service.
  • Monthly allowance of 250€ for co-working space membership and/or home internet service. Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity
  • Annual 4,000€ contribution towards training, workshops, and conferences.
  • 2,000€ yearly contribution for any equipment or services to boost and/or maintain your physical and mental health.
  • Support for purchasing necessary work tools, including eyeglasses if you need a new pair.

Before submitting your application…
We encourage you to read the Toggl Careers Privacy Statement to understand our data handling practices for job applicants. Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity

Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity

Global Remote Product Designer Opportunity

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