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Discover exciting remote vacancies at Slack! Slack is a leading collaboration platform that revolutionizes teamwork and communication within organizations. With a range of diverse positions available, from visual design and engineering management to performance engineering and learning consulting, there’s something for talented individuals at all levels.

Whether you’re passionate about crafting exceptional user experiences, optimizing app performance, or leading high-functioning teams, Slack offers an environment where your skills and expertise can thrive. Join us in making a positive impact and be part of a company that values diversity, innovation, and creating happiness. Explore the available job openings and embark on an exciting career journey with Slack.

Remote Vacancies at Slack

  1. Senior Visual Designer
  2. Senior Visual Designer
  3. Android Performance Engineer
  4. Engineering Manager, Cloud Infrastructure
  5. Engineering Manager, Cloud Infrastructure
  6. Engineering Manager, Enterprise
  7. Engineering Manager, Enterprise
  8. Engineering Manager, Enterprise
  9. Experience Architect
  10. Learning Consultant

For more information about each job position and to apply, you can visit the Slack Careers page: Slack Careers

  1. Senior Visual Designer:
  • Responsibilities include developing compelling visions, stories, concepts, visual designs, and prototypes.
  • Help in formulating the internal visual design strategy and ensuring visual design excellence.
  1. Android Performance Engineer:
  • Requires experience with Android Studio Profiler and other performance measurement tools to optimize app performance.
  • Proficiency in developing highly performant Java code and diagnosing performance bottlenecks.
  1. Engineering Manager, Cloud Infrastructure:
  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field is required.
  • At least 2 years of experience in Engineering Management, building high-functioning teams.
  • Ability to describe previous experiences in building productive teams and ensuring engineers’ productivity.
  1. Engineering Manager, Enterprise:
  • Responsible for leading and coaching a team of senior engineers in delivering secure, flexible, and scalable features to Enterprise customers.
  • Collaborate with product managers, user research, and customers to craft a meaningful vision for the team.
  1. Experience Architect:
  • Conduct discovery sessions to understand current state business processes, objectives, workflows, and collaboration within an organization.
  • Design future state business processes and user experiences on the Slack platform to address identified use cases and objectives.
  1. Learning Consultant:
  • Collaborate with Enterprise customers to identify learning needs through discovery sessions.
  • Design customized curriculum utilizing brain-friendly instructional strategies for large organizations.

Please visit the Slack Careers page for more details and to apply for these positions.

About Slack

Slak is a widely used cloud-based collaboration platform that enables teams and organizations to communicate, collaborate, and share information effectively. It offers a variety of features and tools designed to enhance teamwork and streamline communication within businesses of all sizes.

Remote Vacancies at Slack
Remote Vacancies at Slack

Key features of Slack include:

  1. Channels: Slak organizes conversations into channels, allowing team members to communicate and collaborate in a structured manner. Channels can be created for different teams, projects, or topics, making it easy to keep discussions focused and accessible.
  2. Direct Messaging: Users can send direct messages to individuals or groups for private conversations, sharing files, or seeking clarification.
  3. File Sharing: Slak allows users to share files, documents, images, and other media seamlessly within the platform. Files can be uploaded directly or integrated from popular file-sharing services.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Slack integrates with numerous third-party apps and services, such as Google Drive, Trello, Jira, and Zoom, enabling teams to centralize their workflows and access important tools directly within Slack.
  5. Search and Archive: Slac provides a powerful search functionality, allowing users to find past conversations, files, and information quickly. Additionally, Slack archives messages and files, ensuring that historical data remains accessible.
  6. Notifications and Customization: Users can customize their notification preferences to receive real-time updates, alerts, or summaries based on their needs. Slac also allows for customization of themes and settings to personalize the user experience.

Slak has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, extensive integration options, and ability to streamline communication and collaboration in both remote and in-person work environments. It is used by teams and organizations across various industries to enhance productivity and foster effective teamwork.

In conclusion, Slack presents a wealth of enticing job opportunities across various fields, from visual design and engineering management to performance engineering and learning consulting. By joining Slak, you can contribute to a company that is revolutionizing collaboration and communication, while also valuing diversity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to make an impact through captivating design, optimizing app performance, or leading teams towards success, Slak offers a supportive and dynamic environment for your career growth. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a team that is shaping the future of teamwork. Explore the available job openings at Slak and take the next step towards an exciting and fulfilling career.

Remote Vacancies at Slack

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