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60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics | Delta Group established our EMEA operation in 1995 with region headquarters in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam to pursue Delta’s corporate mission: “To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow.”​

For nearly 20 years, Delta EMEA continues to dedicate in R&D to support the most important businesses with advanced energy-saving technology and solutions. With the acquisition of Energy Systems business from Ascom, a Swiss company in 2003, and Eltek ASA, a Norwegian company in April 2015, Delta has inherited the excellent engineering resources and power design knowledge since 1906 and further development into telecom, industrial and medical markets. It is a significant step forward in Delta’s ability to offer complex high-power solutions, a broader product portfolio and strengthened Delta’s position in the European market.

60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics

Working at Delta

Our working environment is a very dynamic one. You will find at Delta an ever-changing, highly challenging working environment. Naturally, this calls for a certain mindset. Above all, our employees are flexible in the way they think and act. In the same time they enjoy change and innovation. You’ll feel at home at Delta if you are open minded and if you enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world.

Delta offers you the opportunity for self-development. You will develop your skills and capabilities by taking on challenging tasks and getting involved in interesting projects. The opportunity is up to you: either you take the challenge and grow in your specialised area or you take a sideway step and enter in new fields. You determine your development path in consultation with your line manager. Regular feedback allows you to assess your current qualifications and the requirements which have been established for you and your work.  

60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics

Jobs at Delta Electronics

Employees can work remotely

About Careers at Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics is a global provider of power and thermal management solutions. They offer a wide range of career opportunities for individuals interested in the fields of power electronics, energy efficiency, renewable energy, automation, and more. Delta Electronics operates in various sectors, including industrial automation, building automation, telecom power, data centers, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and renewable energy. 60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics

Here are some potential career paths and job opportunities at Delta Electronics:

  1. Engineering: Delta Electronics hires engineers in different disciplines, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and industrial engineering. These roles involve designing, developing, and optimizing power electronics products, systems, and solutions. 60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics
  2. Research and Development: Delta Electronics invests in research and development to innovate and create new technologies. They often have opportunities for researchers and scientists to work on advanced projects related to power electronics, energy storage, smart grids, and renewable energy. 60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics
  3. Sales and Marketing: Delta Electronics has a sales and marketing team responsible for promoting and selling their products and solutions. These roles involve understanding customer needs, developing business strategies, building relationships with clients, and driving sales growth.
  4. Manufacturing and Operations: Delta Electronics operates manufacturing facilities globally. They hire professionals in operations management, supply chain management, quality control, and production engineering to ensure efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes.
  5. Sustainability and Renewable Energy: With a focus on sustainable solutions, Delta Electronics offers opportunities for professionals interested in the renewable energy sector. These roles may involve working on projects related to solar energy, wind power, energy storage, and electric vehicle Infrastructure. 60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics
  6. IT and Software Development: As technology plays a crucial role in Delta Electronics’ solutions, they often hire IT professionals and software developers to work on system integration, software design, and data analytics.
  7. Corporate Functions: Like any large organization, Delta Electronics also has opportunities in various corporate functions such as finance, human resources, legal, and communications. 60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics

To explore specific job openings and learn more about career opportunities at Delta Electronics, I recommend visiting their official website or checking job portals and career websites. It’s also a good idea to connect with Delta Electronics employees on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to gain insights and potential referrals.

60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics
60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics

60 Open Positions at Delta Electronics

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